I never end up writing much for this module because it’s not really one that needs a lot of though around it. Except maybe Pseudo-Code, but under the strict laws of our assignment outline, none of that can be posted online either. I can however give you a general view of what I’m up to on the module at the moment.

Our assignment, due for hand-in on the 15th of January 2007, is to create a JAVA Applet game based on the Ant World/Game of Life/Cellular Automata tutorials we have been doing in the last 12 weeks. I must admit, I’m still a little hazy with this OOP, but I’m slowly grasping how it all works. Hopefully I’ll have the assignment completed before Christmas so I can enjoy some Snowboarding in France over New Years. The final piece will eventually find its way onto my portfolio after the hand-in date. I won’t post anything early to avoid being done in by the previously mentioned stringent laws set down by Martin Beck, the module leader.

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