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XML Killer App

The XML Killer Application project was assigned to us by Chris Speed and Prof. Vladamir Geroimenko. The aim of this university module was to force us to think of how any data could be used if it was all accessible to us in the XML format. Gavin, Pete and myself decided to focus on a mobile based application which would allow singles to quickly find dates in their immediate geographical area based on a trust system. Users would be able to rate their dates, message each other, and eventually arrange a meeting via GPS. Speed dating would be taken to a whole new ad-hoc level.


To create a “Killer Application” that utilizes XML. Definitions are below to indicate what we were up against.

“A killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) is a computer program that is so useful or desirable that it proves the value of some underlying technology, such as a gaming console, operating system, or piece of computer hardware. The definition is sometimes extended to include any instance of a general principle or feature that becomes so successful that people will assimilate the application and the principle. In that sense, the automobile could be a killer app for the reciprocating engine, the light bulb for electricity.”

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a W3C-recommended general-purpose markup language that supports a wide variety of applications. XML languages or ‘dialects’ are easy to design and to process. XML can be read and used by algorithms for computers to ‘understand’ data.


Our project idea was prototyped in Macromedia Flash and it is based upon the idea that the application is run on a mobile/cellular phone. The process is: A user logs into their account which calls up their profile (in XML) from the server. The phone supplements the information with the current location of the user by sending its cell mast information (th cell tower to which the device is using.) Our algorithm then searches for the next closest 5 people (of the desired sex) by comparing the likes/dislike, hobbies (everything!) by their location to the user. The people shown on the screen may well not even be from that country, but because their device has updated their location information and they match and appear to be in the same location as the logged on user, they are shown as potential matches.

As this is only a prototype, many security measures have not been included. Currently the information shown of matches is a photo and their age, sexuality and name.


Pete Hotchkin and Gavin Cooper of bDAT.


Please note: The creative concept and intellectual property behind this project is held by Aaron Yates, Gavin Cooper and Peter Hotchkin. Although this project is in the public domain, we hold the legal rights to this conceptual property.

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XML Killer App XML Killer App XML Killer App XML Killer App

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