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SocialCircle is a JSP based Social Calendaring application, allowing users to register an account, add friends, browse events by calendar and by friend, create and modify events, and add themselves to an event. The entire application was written in JSP as part of bDAT module SOFT221 led by Martin Beck.


“The specification of the assignment is fairly open-ended: Using JSP and / or Java Servlets create a small web application which demonstrates the capabilities of server side technologies using JSP / Servlets.

While it is expected that JSP and / or Java Servlets will be used extensively, you must included at least two of the following in your web-application: Java Beans, Sessions or a Database connection (Access or MySQL).”


We were expected to submit two deliverables for this project. The first being a project report which outlined the specification of our individual web-application including UML diagrams of classes used, with descriptions for each, and UML type diagrams showing interactions between JSP pages / Servlets / HTML pages. We were also asked to include a critical evaluation of the success, or lack of, of our app and a review of what we may have done differently in hindsight. The final section of the report asked for a discussion, in general terms, of what benefits, if any, there were of using JSP as apposed to other server side languages such as PHP, RoR, ASP, Perl/CGI etc.

Section two of the deliverables was a printed copy of all of our code used in the project, with a CD containing a copy of our jDeveloper files for review.


Jason Butler and I created the application in it’s entirety, whilst Daniel Bater completed the documentation required. Initially I had to ensure the central part of the app, the calendar homepage would work, which took up much of my time. Once I had it working, I created a page template for session based user access, and added mock code for echoing events out to the calendar. Jason compiled the SQL for the events functionality through the rest of the site, including the friend code. I was also responsible for the design, and implementation of the design for this project.


As I do not have have TomCat on my server, I cannot, sadly, publish this work online. I believe it to be one of the most technically demanding projects I have worked on as we had only had a two week introduction to JSP before this assignment was set. I believe Jason and I created a very cool example of a social networking site, which I hope to eventually port to PHP and improve up on, potentially as the basis for other projects in the future.

Final Product

The screen shots in the gallery show the project running as a live app on my local machine. As previously mentioned I cannot provide live access to the application, but hope the pictures provide a good indication of how the application worked and the level of complexity involved in creating it.


Jason Butler and Daniel Bater of bDAT.

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