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EPIC Sardines

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EPIC Sardines

EPIC Cartel, a ficticious company established for the IDAT310 Design for Entertainment Systems module at the University of Plymouth, was a collaborative project undertaken by Aaron Yates, Gavin Cooper, Pete Hotchkin and Kseniya Volkova. From this module, we delivered an iPhone Application utilizing GPS and Facebook connectivity, a company site and a product mini-site.

EPIC Cartel was built on the premise of providing a central application allowing devlopers to build an application once, then publish it to any mobile operating system (Palm Web OS, iPhone OSX 2.0, Symbian, WM etc). With conceived grounding for our company, we proceeded to brainstorm ideas for deliverables. Eventually, Sardines was born. Based on the childhood game, EPIC Sardines enables individuals to relive their youth through their iPhone handset (using 3G and GPS data) hooked in to Facebook to aid recognition and associations to form with other players.

This project was presented on the 17th of February 2009, with a play test on the 5th of March 2009. More information of the final app is available on request.

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EPIC Sardines EPIC Sardines EPIC Sardines EPIC Sardines

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