Narrative Project Completed

My project for the Narrative module has been completed. Built on an idea discussed with Hugo, the basis for this work is printed below.

The idea: To augment a web application with the functionality to write it’s own journal. The journal would be written daily by the application under the guise of ‘The life and time of an autonomous entity’. The primary idea behind this project is to form a parody of the similarities between the constant cycle of routines undertaken by a person and those done by a web application.

Utilizing the language we have describing our associations with others, a web application is an independent entity existing within its own ecosystem of other networked individuals that forms the world wide web. This project will represent, with a human veneer, a work showing how we interact with an application on a human level through it maintaining a diary of it’s life.

Live journal:
Live web application who ‘owns’ the journal:

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