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The ColoursEngine forms part of my Major Project, a project undertaken whilst studying for a BSc Digital Art & Technology degree at the Univeristy of Plymouth. The purpose of this platform is to expose individuals colour associations with emotions, with the collected data further broken down by Country/Nation by utilizing a IP2Nation database. Contributors can browse the communities assocations by Colour, Emotion or Country.

This system will aid my major project by supplying the latest/freshest data for overlaying on sentences where emotion needs to be strongly typed. For instance, the sentence, ‘I am going to the shop’, when printed, gives no hint to the emotional state of the author. Based on current data in ColoursEngine, if this text were written in red, it would imply a warning, if written in Yellow, it would imply the author was happy to be doing such a task.

Further usage of the collected data will become visible when my Major Project is released in the first half of May 2009.

This system was custom built on PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS using TextMate/MAMP on a Mac. Further information is available upon request.

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