VElang live for testing

The major aspect of my honours project, dubbed VE, went live for Alpha stage testing on the 6th of May 2009.

VE, based at, is a platform facilitating the global aggregation of symbol/word associations to generate, through enforced social principles and a demographic voting system, a globally accepted ideographic database. The aim of this project is to enable a new medium for cross-cultural communications, to assist in communication and collaboration where participants may not share a native language. Prototyping this fully automated, unbiased and neutral territory for the grass-roots growth of an experimental ideographic medium has allowed me to significantly expand and fine-tune my programming skill set.

As mentioned in previous posts, ColoursEngine (CE @ has been refactored back in to the final output of VE. VE contains a public message board and personal messaging functionality that, when these items are viewed, are constantly parsed and checked against the ideographic database and ColoursEngine for up to the second latest information for emotion overlays and symbol replacement.

For example, when a user wishes to express emotion in a message, they preceed the word they wish to overlay with the specific emotion in square brackets Take for example the string: “[sadness] Me”, firstly, the PHP Class assigned to this task searches the string for emotions and returns the appropriate colour to overlay over the word or symbol. When the word is processed, the Class searches the Ideographic database for the word. If it is found, the symbol is returned with its appropriate colour overlayed, else the colour is overlayed directly onto the word itself.

If you’re interested inparticipating in the VE Alpha that shall generate data to be analysed as part of my projects findings, please drop me an email for the Alpha Invote Code.

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