6 years on, Version 6 is released!

I’ve been a little slack with this web site since graduation as, sadly, it doesn’t require the same impetus as it did for recording activities undertaken on my degree programme.

This version of the site is I believe (officially) version 6, and although there are at least 200 other Photoshop designs that were muscling for the title, the one you now have in front of you was ultimately the winner (though a wealth of great PS content now exists, too)! The site has intentionally been designed to be minimal, and to require as little input as possible, hopefully meaning it will receive more frequent blog input in the future on my wide range of Internet interests.

You’ll find more of my articles on Berea’s website at http://www.berea.eu/info/blog/ if you’d find regular updates of interest. Otherwise, I will be using this outlet for more general information surrounding topics that interest me.

There are a number of amends required to this theme that I’ll be rolling out through-out the year as time and priorities allow, though if you do discover a bug or rendering issue please do leave a comment.

If you’re unlucky enough to have landed on this site with IE6, sorry – you’ll never be able to read any of this! IE6 is blocked on this site. Whilst I do believe in open web standards, 10 years has been long enough to politely ask people to upgrade, so this site now actively blocks people who still intentionally use it. If this bothers you, my bad! All of our other sites had many hours spent on them solely for IE6 and IE7 display perfection, this one won’t. 🙂

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